Biggest Player Contracts In The Nba

The NBA is known for having the greatest basketball players in the world. And given these players’ superstar status, some NBA teams have offered ridiculously large amounts of money to get and keep players in their roster. Here are some of the most prominent player contracts in NBA history.

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The recently retired Black Mamba had a great run with the LA Lakers, the only team he’s played for throughout his long career. Kobe Bryant got a $136.4 million-seven-year contract with the team in 2004.

Considered to be the greatest power forward in the history of the game, Tim Duncan was the heart of the team for over two decades. He was offered a seven-year contract in 2003 to continue playing with the Spurs for $122 million.

Today, keeping a key player in your team is more apparent with contracts on top of contracts. What started out as a four-year contract for Houston, James Harden was offered a two-year extension contract. Technically, his six-year contract with the Rockets totals to a staggering $228 million. Similarly, Oklahoma’s Russel Westbrook took an offer to extend his stay with the Thunders. His five-year contract amounts to $205 million.

Lastly, the Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry signed a five-year contract with the team for $201.2 million. Who knows how many championships he’ll get with the team until he reaches the end of his contract in 2022?

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